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John Stevenson

Stevenson Consulting
“5-Hour Work-Week, While Netting 6-Figures”

Background and past builds:

Begun in 2004, John Stevenson has revolutionized the service business industry, and particularly the professional business of window cleaning. In 2004 the first window cleaning business was organized and enjoyed 10 years of double-digit growth before being sold for top dollar. The business was highly praised by the SBA as one of the best-structured service businesses sold in the market at the time.

In 2018, John again organized and scaled a second window cleaning business to a multiple 6-figure window cleaning revenue stream. This was completed in 12-months. After 3 days of marketing, the business was again sold for top dollar with multiple buyers clambering for the business opportunity.

The reason for the growth and the high sales price of each window cleaning business is a result of properly structuring the business not only for high revenue growth, but also for high profits and time freedom. Each business was designed to allow the owner to spend as little as 2-5 hours a week overseeing the operations while enjoying extra time with family and other pursuits.

With his background and experience, Johnhas been able to help other window cleaning businesses and other service businesses across the nation gain more profitability and time freedom using his systems.